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While lawyers working with farmers is not very common in Uganda, that’s not the case for us because farmers are people in our lives. As farmers’ kids, we got hands on experience of life on the farm although being girls...

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Our Projects

The most frequently submitted legal challenges arise out of land related disputes and family matters and this has guided the nature of educative information we send out to this group...

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Lawyers 4 Farmers (L4F) is a not for profit organization established in Kampala, Uganda.  We use an SMS based platform to provide educative, basic legal information to farmers in their local languages and also offer instant guidance on legal challenges they face.

Our baseline study in September 2016 revealed that, approximately 90% of farmers have faced a legal challenge and only 10% had legal information or the help of a lawyer in handling the challenge. They rely heavily on their area LCs, clan elders and occasionally the police to solve their problems.  Most farmers are generally unable to navigate the complexities of the law. Their transactions are mainly informal, based on trust which leaves them exposed to exploitation and unable to receive formal services.

Our offer to the farmers is access to quick, affordable, easily digestible legal information. We want to empower the farmers with knowledge but also drive behavioural change among them in the way that they relate in business for increased profitability.

With support from the Hague Institute for Innovations of Law (HiiL) we are currently supporting a group of over 200 farmers in Dokolo District, Northern Uganda.


Next Steps...

We want to provide a wholesome service to our farmers and for that reason; we shall be providing information on weather patterns and market prices in addition to our current services. This will enable our farmers to plan better for the seasons, and also find good market for their produce.