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Our Approach

As L4F we would like basic legal information to be common knowledge to all farmers we work with. By design, the law is complex to lay men and this has guided our approach.  We break down the principle of law we intend to teach the farmers into an SMS which is as short as a tweet and then translate it into the relevant local language. It’s short, easy to understand and remember and it’s educative. The technology involved uses basic phone features (no need for smart phones) and that enables us to deliver the message quickly and cheaply and also instantly respond to the farmers who submit enquiries.

By providing legal information and facilitating resolution of legal challenges, L4F promotes behavioural change among farmers. Change which can be owned by the community because it’s not a result of a hand out, it came from within the members of the community themselves.

Our Story

While lawyers working with farmers is not very common in Uganda, that’s not the case for us because farmers are people in our lives. As farmers’ kids, we got hands on experience of life on the farm although being girls, we did not participate fully. Moving away from home to law school came with exposure to the experiences of more affluent farmers. The difference in the way they structured and managed their farms and the way it was being done back at home was very apparent. The knowledge gap made all the difference in profitability level of the farm businesses. We went back home and started working with our parents to improve the family farm businesses and then moved on to other farmers in our communities. That’s how Lawyers 4 Farmers was born.

When numbers grew, we quickly realised the need for a mobile service delivery system to enable us deliver our services to more farmers in a timely and cost effective manner. This led to the set up of our SMS based platform.

Meet the Team


Hellen Mukasa

Co- founder & Executive Director
LL.B (Hons) (MUK), Dip LP (L DC)

Hellen is a highly skilled advocate, social entrepreneur and justice innovator.  Hellen has led the L4F team through a challenging period of transition into the innovation space whilst maintaining focus on delivery, both in terms of meeting objectives and ensuring the requisite quality. She leads by example, is driven by the team's combined successes and takes responsibility for the development and continued motivation of the team. With excellent prioritisation skills, she balances the conflicting demands on her time and provides ongoing support to the team as well as effective engagement with stakeholders.


Jamina Apio

Co- founder/ Advocate
LL.B (Hons) (MUK), Dip LP (L DC)

Jamina has extensive knowledge and experience in corporate business matters and transactions with specific speciality in intellectual property law particularly patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and copyrights. She has worked with various renowned law firms and has also played an active role in information technological and innovative ventures including Barefoot Lawyers. Her skills and experience have contributed towards development of innovative structures of the organization and ideals that encourage exploitation of the ever growing IT world. She is committed to seeing that farmers in Uganda have opportunities and exposure required to thrive.


Esther Mary Nalumansi

Co- Founder /Advocate
LL.B (Hons) (U.C.U.), Dip LP (L DC)

Esther is a young lawyer who has gained experience working with a distinguished commercial law practice in Uganda. Her areas of expertise are; Mergers and acquisitions, Liquidation, International Business, Land Transactions and Family Law.  She is passionate about working with communities and has dedicated her legal expertise to enhancing the individual and collective well-being of the communities served.

Next Steps...

We want to provide a wholesome service to our farmers and for that reason; we shall be providing information on weather patterns and market prices in addition to our current services. This will enable our farmers to plan better for the seasons, and also find good market for their produce.